Believing in Change

Something out there wants the Hope for Change Foundation (HFC) to continue on its mission.

In 2007, HFC ran into a deficit, and despite our best efforts, the year was about to end in the red. Discussions were had about dissolving the charity portion after settling up the debts. Then, out of the blue, a small envelope from Arizona arrived in our PO Box. Inside was a check that would easily cover our debts and give us just enough money to secure the rights for the following summer’s show. We contacted the gentleman that sent us the check. He requested to remain anonymous and initially didn’t want to explain the how and why. With a little prodding, he eventually admitted that he dreamt of someone telling him to donate to HFC. After looking up our mission, he knew why (his mom recently lost her fight with breast cancer) and he immediately wrote and mailed the check. That show alone brought in over $10,000 and set HFC on a new path of main stage productions, all thanks to his donation.

Recently, discussions about dissolving the charity were had again, this time due to lack of time to run the charity effectively. We thought it had grown as much as it could with the formula we were using. Then another envelope with a check appeared in our mailbox, this time from California and for an amount ten times that of 2007’s surprise donation. Also asking to remain anonymous, the woman said she came across our website, liked our mission and asked us to continue “doing the good work that we do.” She offered no more explanation than “something told me to support your charity.”

All we can say is thank you to these donors. Whether this is mere coincidence or that they were being guided by angels, we are eternally grateful for their support and want to use our website as a vehicle to communicate this message to you and our followers:

HFC has a renewed dedication to the vision and mission we originally set out to uphold. This recent donation will enable us to continue to be a source of charitable donations to research projects for cancer, continue to provide a forum for community members to unite to make difference and continue to spread education and awareness of the forms of cancer that affect our loved ones so much.

HFC would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to these donors as well as you and all of our supporters through the years. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and hopes for the future. And stay tuned for all the great things to come from The Hope for Change Foundation.


Gina Noto
Anthony Casella